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I would assume...
By Sub Zero, Nov 5, 12 12:42 AM

...That the website will be going live any day now.  Make sure you have all your bases covered so the new people don't slack because "nobody else did it"...



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     The creators of this website have worked hard to ensure that it is as exciting, informative, and enjoyable as possible!  Communication and Organization are KEYS to a successful alliance and this website is one of the most effective ways of achieving both. Once you start to get the hang of using the site, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it!  

     The following paragraphs will include a few simple things we ask you to do as a new member. It is to help you get familiar with some of the features as well as build a strong foundation for communication and friendship between the guilds. Once you've taken care of these steps feel free to explore the rest of the website.  This is an amazing website and it can be a lot of fun!  We look forward to many memorable times ahead!

*VENTRILO:  You need to use it for PvP and Champ Spawns. Bottom line. You can find everything you need to know about the always exciting WIN vent server here.  You will notice the real time feed for the Vent server in the upper right of this page.  Check the site to see who you could be chatting with! Don't miss the fun!

*PROFILE:  Below the "Home" and "Forums" tabs you will notice the hyper-link titled, "Profile".  Clicking that link will allow you to change how you interact with this website and also how the website interacts with you.  You can set your preferences to enable/disable email notifications. You can enable/disable text notifications. There is also an option to manage your character information. This is the important step we need for this section.  The character manager allows you to display your character's name, gender, race and skill set(Yes, you can list your characters skills. All of them! For every character!).  This is very important for quite a few sections of the website so, PLEASE, take the time to fill it out completely.  The more info you give the system, the more we (other members) and the system (you'll see how this works later) can interact with you.  For a visual of what EACH of your character's "bio" page should look like, click here.  If all of your character's pages look similar to that, you're on point!  If they don't look similar, feel free to ICQ Sub and he will guide you through the process.

     So that's it.  Start posting!  Look around!  Feel free to post your ideas and suggestions in the forums. What would you like to do more of?  Post some jokes or some pictures!  This is YOUR page.  We are designed around interaction.  There are awards and achievements for almost everything you do here so start playing around and see what you get!  NOTE: There is a "no censorship" policy in place.  In other words, you're free to say whatever you'd like.  Just be aware that others can do the same.  Keep flaming and fighting to a minimum. Overly abusive persons will be dealt with...


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